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. . . is a musical nomad. His broad musical range combines the best elements of acoustic, electric and sitar-like guitar with remixed acoustic, electronic and world percussion matched to his poetic conscience. He bridges the warmth of time honored recording styles with an organic digital harmony.

His new material focuses on his modal acoustic style accompanied by violin, harmonica and percussion. His lucid lyrics and melodies echo the transformational shift during these changing times and demonstrates the power of what Jair envisions as "two paths that become one."

Jair has shared stages or recorded with ALO, Hamsa Lila, and Yonder Mountain, who have gone on to bring ecological issues to music. He has performed and recorded with Abhiman Kaushal, tabla player for Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass together with rock, bluegrass, world musicians, turntablists, and multimedia artisans.

Founding the outstanding genre-busting group Theurgic Seed [théûr-j’ ik sêd], he directed and composed new ground on how music, film, art and ecological ideas coalesce. His self-produced release, acclaimed CD & DVD, this is not a (c/s)ell (2002) was named "new & recent release of note" by Relix Magazine.

2008 has Jair pre-producing his first solo record featuring guest appearances by Matt Butler of Everyone Orchestra, Basho Fujimot of Foxgluv and other friends. Jair supports the Creative Commons ethic and has songs available on online for listening and remixing. It is time to celebrate freedom, and “Open. Emerge. Thrive. Create.”